Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Don't tell yer Mammy

Here's todays offering. . . .

Up at 6.30 and on the water by 8am with a view to getting up to Rubha Reidh in time for the last hour of the North going.

XC forecast was for F4 SW increasing F5 WSW by 1pm. Sunshine and showers were also on the agenda.

As we put on it was F3-4 and after 10 minutes of sunshine the first squall duly arrived.

We headed up the coast for an hour or so and pulled in at Melvaig, the last possible overnight stop before the point, to discuss whether the point would 'go' given the conditions.

Our conclusion was that it would, and we headed on up keeping a note of possible landings should Rubha Reidh prove too frisky after all!

As we made our way north the resident Fulmar population came to check us out, flying head to head at sea level and only vereing off at the last minute after making eye contact.

Sea state for this leg was rough but manageable and if anything the point itself, with wind and tide together, was easier than the preceding 3km.

Safely round the corner we admired the stacks on the N side of the point before pulling out at Camas Mor for lunch and to watch the malestrom that was developing back at the point as the wind became firmly established at F5 and the tide turned against it.
Easy to see what it is not recommended under such conditions. Yer Maw would certainly not be happy with you!

With the wind at our back the trip along the coast to Loch Ewe was a quick and lively one with the following sea running at 2 - 2.5m

By the time we reached Loch Ewe the wind was WSW F5 gusting 6 so our original plan to head up to Greenstone point (should the forecast prove on the pessimistic side) was ditched in favour of a retreat into the loch.

As the shore at Cove offered little in the way of shelter from the wind, we headed across the loch to the Isle of Ewe where we found a reasonably sheltered bay on the N side with a site big enough for one tent at least.
Better still the sun is shining and the squalls are now only an hourly feature.

Distance travelled today: 33km
Total distance travelled: 135km
Ferrocity of midgees: nil. - Air traffic control at Aultbea has grounded all flying insects until the wind abates.