Saturday 13 June 2009

The Final Leg

We were woken early by the rain pounding off the tent and the wind whipping at the guy llines and mentally resigned ourselves to a wet start later in the morning before going back to sleep for a while longer. However when 7am came things had eased and gradually as we prepared to leave the skies cleared and the wind dropped.

We were on the water by 9am and heading NNW across the Sound of Arisaig on a calm sea with light winds. Eigg and Rum behind were capped with cloud left behind by the front that had obviously passed through.

We rounded the point and crossed the South Channel into Arisaig Bay. As high water had just passed we were able to thread our way North through the skerries over a golden carpet of sand hidden just below the surface. The fishing must be good in this area as the islands were heavily populated with seals hauled out to bask in the sun. Crossing the North Channel there was enough water to pass through the channel between Eilean Ighe and the main land so we made our way through this before taking a breather and an early lunch on the islands North shore.

Then it was time for the final run up the coast to Morar. As we did so we met a couple of other boaters who asked where we were headed. Morar we replied. Where have you come from they asked. Morar we replied. This drew a puzzled look that turned to disbelief when we explained where we had been. Not sure that they believed us but then we were finding it hard ourselves to believe that we were on the verge of completing this amazing trip.

Finally we swung into Morar Bay and gently paddled up to the spot we had launched from just 3 weeks and 1 day before in one of the most scenic and spectacular paddling venues in Scotland. As we did so it started to rain.

Distance travelled today: 22km
Total distance travelled: 829km
Midgee ferrocity: don't care any more!


  1. Well done guys a truly fantastic trip.
    This will stay with you for the rest of your lives.

  2. Fantastic, well done!

    I've really enjoyed following your progress (with envy) - hopefully I'll get a chance to follow your footsteps down the east coast in a few weeks' time.

    Mark R