Sunday, 24 May 2009


from Gavin
The front finally cleared late on Saturday night leaving a fine calm sunny evening with superb views across the Crowlin Isles to Raasay and Skye beyond.

Woke at 5am with a view to making some progress up the coast before the next weather system arrived, but it was already making its presence felt. Retired to bed to the sound of increasingly heavy rain on the roof and the building wind strength whipping around the eaves.

Next time we stuck our heads out to see if there was any sign of improvement out West a herd of red deer were grazing the 'lawn' in front of the bothy.

Thereafter the rain got heavier and the wind remained a stiff SW.
The rain finally relented early evening but instead of easing off the wind raised its game a little further.

Eventually the clouds parted for a magical half hour of sunshine to reveal the superb scenery. It also brought the pair of resident cuckoos out of their hiding hole in the sessile oak woodland that surrounds the bothy.

Rumour has it tomorrow will be better. Here's hoping!

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  1. Hi Gavin Too bad about the weather today but I can't think of a better place to be storm bound.5 star MBA residence as you will have noticed from the bothy log we were there last wed during a trip to Applecross and the islands. I hope things improve for you tomorrow and wish you all the best on what sounds like an exciting trip.